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Britrox are proud to announce the official partnership with House of Ikons. Both Brands focus on developing and providing support, Guidance and a platform for new and undiscovered talent seeking exposure and the right connections to make their career a success.


For decades fashion has always come hand in hand with music from Bowie to Lady Gaga and so therefore it makes sense that both House of Ikons and Britrox join up to collaborate on projects, feeding each others business with ideas for Shows, music videos, live performances offering the chance for HOI designers to get involved in Britrox projects.

House of iKons success is based on the unique concept, celebrating the new generation of global fashion talent.Intense care and audacity has gone into ensuring we showcase the best talent, with the emphasis on new and innovative fashion.

With the support of the Prince’s Trust our platform enables young designers worldwide, to showcase their creative talents. An opportunity they would otherwise have little chance to attain. After three years of raising funds with the Princes Trust, CEO Savita Kaye was appointed Royal Ambassador in 2015.

Savita Kaye’s ambition is for House of iKons to be a global brand, known for launching emerging designers. Working with our global media partner Fashion One TV, has enabled House of iKons shows to air worldwide to 100 million viewers, in 120 countries.

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Welcome to Britrox the Music Broadcast platform that showcases unsigned and undiscovered music videos on TV and Live Streaming Platforms. Get your music video in front of Millions of Viewers worldwide. Britrox launched back in 2015, as a multi media company, showcasing undiscovered artists music videos via TV and Live Streaming networks worldwide. Britrox is the only company that curates unsigned artists content and distributes this talent across the globe. Currently broadcasting its TV shows on many media channels worldwide


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Britrox Music Group are one of the few music companies that accepts unsolicited music.

Please Note: Britrox only accepts artists and bands that are unsigned with NO Record Deals.



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