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Britrox is a multimedia entertainment company and online platform which showcases unsigned emerging and new artists to a global community via TV and online content to promote artists original material. We act as an A&R conduit providing the perfect visual exposure to build music brands. Britrox is committed to music across the board and firmly believes that quality can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.

Britrox Music Group distinguish themselves through the commitment of the artists. Contrasting the typical scenario in which a record company expects the artists to do all their own marketing and promotion, Britrox breaks the mold.

Britrox additionally has a stable of experienced and resourceful Music Video producers to ensure the highest quality bespoke Video within an Artist’s budget. Please fill in the form to enquire on packages available

Britrox Records will have a USP allowing artists to keep their independence and creative control without compromise and offer competitive percentages on Record sales across all major distribution platforms worldwide

Britrox is composed of  Music Distribution & Label Services, Television, Video Productions, Unsigned Festivals and Events . This 3 pronged attack provides support that no other artists can get without signing to major labels and with control in TV, Label services and Live events Britrox will become the number 1 company in the world for undiscovered music.





Events & Promotions

Our Team

Paul Wookey - CEO

Paul Wookey Founder and Creator of Britrox and has over 20 years experience in the Music/TV Industry Producer at Cellcast, Yoo Media, Sky. A&R and music manager for independent record label and recording studios

Wendy Harrington - Casting Director

Wendy Harrington media entrepreneur owning a Rectory studios and a major share holder in Hot Radio. Wendy has a great eye for talent in production and media.

Mark Ringer - Head of Live Events

Founder and organiser of the Willow Festival and event manager for our Festival Partnership.

Michael Garbutt - Head of Media

Michael started his music industry career in record retailing in the early 80's, moving to Polydor Records in 1987. By the 90's Michael was playing a significant role in the media fortunes of the Virgin Records roster.

Jordan Wood - Talent Scout

Jordan, former bassist for touring bands of a wide variety of genres, has also helped write, produce and perform, has a great eye for up and coming talent.

Patrick Ruane - Head of A&R

Patrick Ruane has worked in the music production & corporate side of the Music industry since 1996. Moving from Record Producer, Artist Manager to Label Manager to Label Founder.

Jeremy Hibbard - Head Of Programming

A former BBC presenter, producer and Controller of News for ITV, Jeremy has spent 18 years in the independent TV production sector. He has produced more than 50 television series for the BBC, ITV, CiTV, C4, UKTV.

Michelle Bakker - Head of Artist Development

Michelle Bakker is an International Music Manager Music Consultant, based in Los Angeles with a 20 Plus year Industry network & expertise specializing in Artist Development, Music Syncs and Branding.

Gus Wright - Talent Scout

An experienced guitarist and session musician that has toured around the UK, and has ventured into the world of recording. Gus has a wide knowledge of the music industry and a good ear for talent.

Jodie Lea - Presenter

Jodie Lea is our Main Britrox presenter. Previously known for her role in Southside Story on BBC Three. Jodie is also a recording artist and music entrepreneur.

Duggie Kyle - Head of TV/Film Sync

In the 80's Duggie was an A&R talent scout for both EMI records UK, (Paul Morgan) & CBS Records UK, (Lincoln Elias)Sir George Martin, Ron Nevison, Hollywood, ,Manny Charlton, Texas,Jeff Bova, Los Angeles,Tim Pearce, Hollywood, Richard Barrett, Los Angeles, I have been fortunate & privileged to have been invited to work with the above record producers, who together, have produced over a billion record sales. they are just ordinary talented people.

Manny Charlton - Record Producer

Manny Charlton has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and has produced some of the biggest names in Rock n Roll. Guns n Roses, Nazareth and today he is still very prominent in the music industry.

Stuart Epps - Recorder Producer

Legendary record producer STUART EPPS, who has worked with artists including Led Zeppelin,Elton John, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Bill Wyman , Chris rea  and Twisted Sister, is now working with independent artists from around the world.With his new Production company EMP. STUART  lends his years of recording expertise to independent musicians in the current trend of artists making their own records.

Leopoldo Vendramin - A&R/PR/Record Producer

Co-Founder of Tank Of Music Publishing ( Of Music features in its name the essence and the core business of the Company. In order to fill in the “Tank” with the best music for the vast public of music consumers and lovers, we offer 360o support to our artists, music players, producers, writers and singers

Independent Music Group


Britrox TV are proud to be associated with incredible music industry professionals. below are just a few of our endorsements:


Featured Artists

Britrox Featured artists allow the Artists and Bands to promote themselves via interviews explaining their musical influences, style and direction which ultimately gives Labels and publishers the opportunity to see what they are about. If you are unsigned and seeking the chance to be featured fill out the form at the foot of the site and let us promote you on our platform.

Artist Showcase Page

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Britrox Television

britrox main

Britrox Television is a bespoke independent production and broadcast media company that produces music based TV formats for unsigned, new and emerging artists to create TV exposure on networks and Channels across the world. Britrox has partnered up with a varied range of Broadcast companies via satellite and live streaming apps and platforms. Britrox aims to be the next MTV for unsigned artists and utilizes its network connections to leverage distribution and exposure to ultimately build a fan base for undiscovered artists and music.

The current relationship Britrox has built a connection with will reach a global audience in at least 76 countries. With companies such as FilmOn and TV Tibi on board these established Broadcast companies provide a wider viewership on Mobile Phones, Tablets and laptops that in addition have secured a brand partner such as Lenovo. FilmOn now features on all Lenovo laptops around the world.

Our Artists and bands will now be able to reach a bigger audience through our brand partnerships and this is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

If you are Unsigned and want to be taken seriously as an artist seeking exposure then Britrox is the company for you which stands by its brand and will not comprise its position as a music platform. Britrox is looking to disrupt the music industry by providing a competitive stake in the market and create a revolution in the world of music.


So what are you waiting for?……Start your music career now and let Britrox Television provide you the tools that will ultimately get you to be seen and heard.






Want your music video on TV?

£70 + VAT

  • 1 Video added to the Platform
  • Live Streaming Channel
  • UK TV Coverage
  • Social Media Plugging
  • Video feature on YUBL
apply now

£120 + VAT

  • 2 Videos added to the Platform
  • Live Streaming Channel
  • UK TV Coverage
  • Social Media Plugging
  • Video feature on YUBL
apply now

£140 + VAT

  • Featured Artist Page
  • 1 Video added to the Platform
  • Live Streaming Channel
  • UK TV Coverage
  • Social Media Plugging
  • Video feature on YUBL
apply now

£175 + VAT

  • 2 Videos added to the Platform
  • Live Streaming Channel
  • UK TV Coverage
  • TV marketing and Promoting
  • Social Media Plugging
  • Video feature on YUBL
  • 30 second Single/E/P Album Promo advert
apply now

Music Video Bronze Package

£500 Package
  • Half Day Shoot
  • One location
  • 2 camera's
  • Editing
  • Feature on Britrox
apply now

Music Video Silver Package

£1000 Package
  • Full Day Shoot
  • 2 locations
  • 2 camera shoot
  • Editing/Effects
  • Feature on Britrox plus TV Show
apply now

Music Video Gold Package

£1500 Package
  • 2 Day Shoot
  • Multipal Locations
  • Make - Up Wardrobe
  • Multi Camera
  • Story Boarding
  •  Britrox TV Coverage
apply now

Music Video Platinum Package

£3000 Plus Package (Negotiable Budgets)
  • Multiple Locations (Including Abroad)
  • Multiple Days
  • Set Design
  • Wardrobe/Make - Up
  • Multiple Camera shoot
  • Editing and after effects
  • Story Boarding
  • Special Requests i.e Props.
apply now


Britrox Music Group are one of the few music companies that accepts unsolicited music.

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Britrox Music Group are one of the few music companies that accepts unsolicited music.

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